Custom jewelry with top quality colored gemstones sampler

David Bachman Jewelry

Since 1984, David Bachman has traveled, sourced and selected rare and unusual colored gemstones to incorporate into exceptional, heirloom quality, fine jewelry.

Although we are no longer exhibiting at major gem and jewelry shows, we will continue to share our unique gems and designs online.

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Shop Rings

Rose and white gold ring with 1.60 carat Rhodolite Garnet gemstone an
White gold ring with 1.52 carat Blue Zircon
White gold ring with 2.38 carat Chrysoberyl and diamond accents
White gold ring with 2.25 carat Blue Ceylon Sapphire and diamond accents
White and green gold ring with 2.48 carat Green Tourmaline gemstone
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Shop Pendants

White gold pendant with 4.38 carat bi-color Amethyst and diamond accents
Yellow gold pendant with 3.11 carat Tanzanite and diamond accents
Yellow gold pendant with 1.42 carat Emerald with diamond accents
Yellow gold pendant with 19.36 carat Zircon and yellow diamond accent
Yellow gold flower pendant with 4.00 carat Amethyst and diamond accents
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Shop Haught Rocks

Haught Rocks top view of pendant with purple spinel, rose gold, and Lepidolite fob
Top artsy view of Haught Rocks pendant with Labradorite fob and 2 ct blue spinel on silk cord
Haught Rocks top view of pendant with flourite fob, white gold, and purple spinel accent
Top view artsy photo of boulder opal pendant on flower petals
Haught Rocks top view of pendant with wine red spinel, white gold and white granite fob
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Shop Earrings

Demantoid garnet earrings in white gold with diamond accents
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